DB Miniatures

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Note: all accessories are fixed in place unless requested otherwise. All items complete as seen

© 2008 DB Miniatures

All our products are made for the enthusiast / collector and are not toys

Once we receive an enquiry from you we check our supplier availability, and confirm this back to you with a guaranteed, delivered to your door price - with  obligation to buy. Our houses are delivered flat-packed in ready made panels with all details completed. Slot and screw together (glue if required) simply and quickly. Each house purchased comes with a voucher to spend on our site*  We also provide “moving in” packages with a selection of room boxed sets included to start your house. Prices shown are indicative. Vouchers are valid for six months from day of issue.

To see the full range available order our Streets ahead catalogue

A three storey house with hinged roof attic and split front opening,  pillared porch and balcony. MDF unpainted construction. For other options see below. Indicative price - contact us

33” High, 32” Wide, 18.5” Deep.

Also available  - as above three storey house pre-painted with cream walls with white windows and door. Indicative price - contact us

Also available three storey house with Basement with removable stepped front arch. Indicative price - contact us

Un painted with basement

Painted with basement

A two storey house with hinged roof attic and split front opening veranda and bay window.

3 mm plywood construction, unpainted. (Painted now discontinued)

Indicative price £call

25” High, 21” Wide, 15” Deep

contact us for further information of other styles shown.  We have 20 house styles available, most houses are available plain or pre painted in various designs and we ship worldwide.

A catalogue extract of the styles of Doll houses available can be viewed here

In Adobe PDF format.

*Our Site Vouchers are valid for six months and other than our “moving in packages” can be used against all site items or Streets Ahead special orders including shipping.

pdf format