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All our products are made for the doll house enthusiast / collector and are not toys

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All items are 1:12 scale

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Dollhouse decorator glue

High Speed (4 minute working time) Sets hard and fast. For setting wood,metal, china, plastics and glass. Use where extra strength is required across gaps.

71g twin pack £7.50


Special modelling PVA that contains no fillers. Superior to many PVA glues. Has unique solvent chemistry for faster drying.

Speed Bond (112g) £4.50

..Thick glue, which like tacky glue dries clear overnight. It has instant stronger hold round corners whilst allowing repositioning.

Decorator Glue (112g) £5.99

Very sticky glue that drys clear, flexible, and is non staining. Use for bonding fabric, plastic windows, bonding ceramic and flexible tiles.

Tacky Glue (112g) £4.75


..Wax adhesive for holding miniature ornaments etc in place . Allows repositioning.

Tacky Wax (28g) £4.10

Wallpaper Paste

Ready-mixed paste that dries clear. Non staining and does not attack copper wires or tape.

250ml.  £6.50

Roket Hot

Super-thin, fast, penetrating adhesive;

sets 1 to 5 sec.

20g bottle  £5.30

Roket Rapid

Medium viscosity, fast setting adhesive;

sets 5 to 10 sec.

20g bottle £5.30

Roket Max

Thick, maximum gap-filling adhesive;

sets 10 to 20 sec.

20g bottle  £5.30


A liquid plastic film-forming polymer which bonds most plastics and dries to crystal clear film. It will not smear or fog plastics. Ideal for glazing dolls houses. Easy water clean up. 50ml £5.99

Deluxe Materials

A selection of specialist glues for the Dolls house

Scenic Water

 A re-meltable one part resin that pours, flows and sets as you want it. Best suited for small liquid projects eg. simulating drinks, or water in sinks and baths, bubbles, and many food items including jellies.  Melts at around 60°C.

125 ml  £8.99

Solid Water

A low odour, 2 part resin for simulating crystal clear water for miniature bowls, garden ponds, puddles etc. Creates the illusion of deep water with minimal thickness.

90 ml £11.50

Aliphatic Resin

Famous “yellow” wood glue used in professional applications where hard woods are used; dries crisper than PVA giving better sanding specially with balsa wood. Will not pull joints as it sets, resulting in better dimensional stability. Also sets at low temperatures and is water resistant. Use in miniature furniture making where its useful properties include:
• Taking a stain.
• Faster grab time.

112ml £4.99

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Fray Stay

Invisible, non staining flexible adhesive that inhibits the fraying of fabric when dry. Non sticky and easy to sew through when dry. Works on all fabrics. Does not bleed through or leave a watermark.

50ml. £6.90

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